Lil Poochie

             Gospel rap recording artist/producer Lil Poochie has been around music his whole life, so naturally his desire to produce, write, and create music would fuel his fire on a journey that would ultimately lead him to his current position as a soldier in GOD’s army! 

             Before becoming a gospel rap artist, Lil Poochie was not really serious about life as a recording artist. Freestyling in house parties and the cafeteria was the norm for this talented brother. In 1999 he joined with several local artists to form a secular rap group garnering his crew and himself plenty of popularity in the streets, however an unforeseen encounter with Jesus Christ would forever change his life. During the summer of 2002 Lil Poochie found himself in a jail cell physically, but mentally and spiritually, he found himself free from the bondage of the sinful life he was leading. 

             After his release from jail Lil Poochie moved to Nashville, TN for a change of environment, little did he know GOD had big plans for him and his gifts. Later that year he was invited to a Christian music conference and where he was introduced to gospel rap. He had never heard of this genre, in fact his life changing encounter had left him with a decision to never rap again because he didn’t want to be held accountable for misleading people with his words and was no longer living for the streets. It was during this concert that GOD spoke to him plain and clear, “This is what I created you for!  This is what u were born to do! I gave u this gift and now it’s time to use it for ME.” Soon after he was back in the studio where he recorded his first gospel rap album entitled "Lord Forgive Me". 

             Since then Lil Poochie has released ten albums independently selling thousands of CD’s from Indianapolis, Pensacola, and everywhere in between primarily through hand to hand street promotion. In his own words when asked what he wants to leave on this industry he responded with this, “I just wanna make good music that will affect the youth and adults in a way that will lead them to Christ, and show them that we can have fun without negativity.” Currently Lil Poochie is in the process of launching a production company and starting his own record label "Royalvision entertainment", and the game should brace itself because this brother is not playing! 

             For more information, visit the following sites; ( ( (Instagram @ig615) (Twitter @lilpoochiemusic). For booking information contact us at; or (615) 554-9473.


             Christlikemuzik artist KP makes straight forward music that anyone can feel. His honest and to the point lyrics are like a powerful sermon over a hot beat. 

             Born to a hard-working mother, and father who was later incarcerated, KP faced the same hardships that many underprivileged youth endure every day.  KP realized his passion for music at the age of 8. By the age of 15 KP was honing his skills in a local recording studio.  As time progressed KP became a well sought after producer as he furthered his education and graduated from The School of Audio Engineering (SAE).  Unfortunately, the accomplishment turned into a feeling of desperation after his graduation from SAE, and he couldn't land a job in Nashville, TN. KP was forced to work a string of dead end jobs and endure financial struggles. For years he dabbled In and out of the streets and his life began to fall apart with nowhere to turn. 

             KP finally called on the name above all names Jesus Christ. Although he was baptized at 13 it wasn’t until he returned to Jesus, surrendered himself to the Lord, that KP gained peace with himself and most of all God. Since then he is now married and has 3 children. He has devoted his life to reaching the lost through his production & Gospel Rap. KP is a deacon at the Locust Ridge Primitive Baptist Church and he is also involved in different ministries as well. 

              KP began a ministry with his partner Danai as Christlikemuzik in December, 2012. They stand on 2nd Corinthians 4: 1-5 as their ministry verse. They have dedicated their time, talents and gifts to God’s work and His will for their lives. They boast in the Lord as they continue to grow in faith.